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Aeration is Essential to pond health

To have a clean pond or lake, you need the proper aeration. With oxygenation and water circulation, the pond aerator encourages faster decomposition of waste, reduced algae growth, clearer water, stimulation of beneficial pond bacteria, and the ability to transfer oxygen and gas. 

Select the best system for your pond
Surface aerators: These are floating aeration units that pull water from the top foot of the pond and spray it into the air allowing oxygen to transfer and venting gasses. These are ideal for shallow ponds. Choose from aesthetic spray options.

Bottom-based aeration systems: These push air down to the bottom of the pond using a compressor allowing air bubbles to naturally rise to the surface. This method is efficient for deeper ponds. When the bubbles rise, they mix with water improving oxygen levels and creating a healthy pond. There are little surface agitation and no aesthetic appeal.

Get proper sizing assistance

It's essential to have a professional handling the sizing of your pond unless it is very round. An undersized system can causes problems for you. Once it is properly sized by our team, you'll see these benefits:

  • Reduced algae blooms due to fewer available nutrients
  • Improved water clarity
  • Naturally occurring and augmented beneficial pond bacteria is stimulated to efficiently break down waste and reduce the bottom muck layer
  • Elimination of noxious odors caused by anoxic situations and
  • breakdown of organic matter
  • Key nutrients such as phosphates and nitrogen are rendered unavailable
  • Prevention of fish kills (due to low oxygen) Gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide can be vented
  • A more stable, self-sustainable ecosystem with larger buffering capacity to handle outside influences that may otherwise throw the system out of whack
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