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​​Get the pond colorants you need

Adding pond colorants is one of the most affordable ways to maintain a beautiful looking pond through filtering sunlight. Colorants create an esthetically pleasing, natural blue look. ​

  • Super concentrated pond colorants
  • Nontoxic products
  • Products do not stain fish, birds, plants, or animals once added to the system
  • Safe to use in most situations

Our products are compatible with most herbicides and algaecides. They are packaged to be easy-to-use in handy quart containers. Each of these containers treats 4 acre-feet of water.

Find your pond and lake liners

We sell and install custom liners of all shapes and sizes. After measuring your pond, your liner is fabricated and delivered with installation assistance if you need it.

To calculate liner size:
You will need the Length (L), Width (W) and Depth (D) of your pond.  Be sure to use the deepest part of your pond for your depth measurement not the average depth.

Liner Length: 2D+L+2
Liner Width: 2D+W+2

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