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Filter your pond naturally with native plants

Native aquatic plants are one of the best, natural ways to filter a pond to keep the water clean and healthy. They work to absorb nutrients that otherwise make it cloudy. They also help control algae and poor water quality. They are also aesthetically appealing.

Choose from any of these plants:

Blue Flag:

An emersed plant, they grow to up to 4-feet tall with large flowers.

These emersed plants have large leaves and hidden flowers.


Look for this plant's large, spherical bur-like flower clusters with 1-inch diameter heads.


This very common emersed plant grows quickly and covers large areas with blooms in the spring and summer.


 Soft Rush:
This native soft rush may be in a single or colony of clumps in water or dry ground.


Soft-stem Blurush:
First noticed in large colonies in most instances, they tend to grow in water bodies. The stems are topped by hanging inflorescence, and it blooms throughout the year.


Water Lilies:
Floating leaves are the most common indication of these plants, but there are 40 species out there and many more hybrids. They are found in many zones.


Yellow Water Lily:
There are various species available, but these fragrant water lilies often have a solitary, terminal hermaphrodite flower.

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