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Get algae control for your pond or lake

When algae are present in a waterbody, this often indicates that there are too many available nutrients present. This may be due to fish food and waste, fertilizer run-off, or dead organic matter. Too much direct sunlight and low oxygen levels are often also possible.

Find a cost-effective solution

We understand algae and can help you to determine what type it is and why it is occurring. We can then help you find a cost-effective system for managing it. We can also offer preventative maintenance options that become second nature so severe algae bloom become less and less of a concern to you.

Short and long-term options are available for algae control. Short-term options include using an algaecide to kill off the growth. For long-term benefits, use methods that control the sources of the problem such as nutrient, sunlight, and low dissolved oxygen levels. We recommend quick algae control using algaecide as a pre-cursor.

Talk to our associates for help

Before choosing a product, we recommend that you talk to our seasoned associates. Let us help you determine the right type of algae present and the best treatment for it.

You need to know what type you have and what algaecides can work better for you. We can help you.