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Purchase natural enzymes and microbes

Most ponds and lakes will have water quality issues such as cloudiness, murkiness, and odors. This often comes from organic waste that's present in the water. This may be leaves, grass clippings, animal waste, and fertilizers. This creates a problem with the water's nutrients.  

Our line of pond bacteria contains the necessary formulations consisting of billions of beneficial pond microorganisms. Our products will:

  • Create a clean, clear pond
  • Diminish nutrient overload
  • Reduce odors
  • Are safe for irrigation
  • Are harmless to fish, animals, and turf plants.​

Bacteria may not be applicable for:

  • Controlling planktonic algae or aquatic weeds
  • Clearing up murky water caused by clay or mud (which are inorganic materials and will not be used by bacteria for a food source)
  • Shallow ponds with an average depth of less than 2 feet
  • Ponds with less than 50% retention of water over a 7-day time frame
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